Pictures of Move, Rebuild, & Update of Old Milton FFA Log Cabin (oldest first)
Original Log Cabin

Porch, back room, chimney, & fire place removed move Log Cabin about 500 feet west and across Milton Ave.
    Thanks to Bishop House Movers that braced up and moved Log Cabin with no damage to logs or chinking.
  Thanks to AT&T and Georgia Power for raising wires at no cost.
Raise up, add steel beams, pour basement, add Log back room with restroom, kitchen, and stairs to basement storage area.  Pour front porch, modify roof to include front porch, move well house close to Log Cabin.
Build new rock chimney & fire place. Replace back wall of original Log Cabin that had lots of wood rot.
Chink between logs, Add roof, doors, and windows. 

Currently adding electrical, HVAC, plumbing, inside finishing, and fixtures.