Historical Society meeting Thursday night 10-18-18 at 7:00 at the Mansell House.  Thursday's program is:

John Rollin Ridge: Cherokee Scribe

John Rollin Ridge, born near present-day Rome, Georgia, was the grandson of Major Ridge and the son of John Ridge, both signers of the Treaty of New Echota. At age 11, young Rollin witnessed his father's brutal murder by Cherokees, angered by the elder Ridge's part in the treaty which lead to the Trail of Tears. Rollin's grandfather, Major Ridge, was shot and killed that same day by members of the same group. These tragic events colored Rollin's entire life. At age 23, he traveled to California where the dashing young Cherokee became the highly regarded editor of eight newspapers, a much sought after orator and poet, and author of the first novel published in California. Rollin Ridge's life story was a remarkable journey from tragedy to triumph.

To tell us that story will be Wanda Patterson, a charter member of the Trail of Tears Association. Miss Patterson, a retired Sprayberry High School teacher, has become a well known speaker on the Cherokees and on efforts to document the history of the Trail of Tears. She is a member of the DAR, Co-Chair of the State American Indians Committee, and serves on the State Regent's Speakers Staff. She is an award winning quilter, a painter, a gourd artist, and a published author.

November 11th World War I Commemoration

Mark your calendars for Sunday, Nov. 11th at 2:00 pm at the Alpharetta City Hall. Along with the Johns Creek and Roswell historical societies we will be co-hosting a special program to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I. Our speaker will be Michael Hitt, who's uncovered two fascinating stories about Atlanta area residents in WWI.  These stories have somehow become lost to history, but believe me, you'll want to hear them.

For the occasion we'll be opening the History Museum both before and after our program for those of you who haven't yet had a chance to see it.  We're also planning a display of photos of soldiers who served in the War to End All Wars.  If you have a picture of one of your relative who served, please scan it, and email it to info@aomchs.org.  If the relative lived in the North Fulton please let us know, but we want pictures of anyone who served regardless of where they lived.

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