Professor Pierce L. Elkins was awarded a $75.00 prize for his forestry presentation. With the money, he proposed letting the Future Farmers of America (FFA) students build a log cabin on the site of old Milton High School. The Cabin was built during the 1934-1935 school year and is one of only two remaining FFA-constructed log cabins still in use today in the United States.
The Cabin was a hands-on project that involved the entire community. Alpharetta merchants contributed needed supplies to help complete the project. The students cut and hauled donated pine trees to the Cabin site. The foundation was laid using rocks provided by farmers and cement supplied by local merchants. The Cabin was originally an FFA clubhouse and also served as a central meeting place for the community for meetings, dances, parties, weddings and suppers.  The only construction help the FFA boys received was in building the chimney.  Almost all these boys grew up and were part of the "Greatest Generation" who served our country in WWII.  Only two of the FFA members who built the log cabin survive today, George Jones and John Marvin Dorris; both in their ninties.  In addition Billy Bates, old Milton County unofficial historian, who built the well house and other outbuildings at the log cabin site is fortunately still with us.
The Cabin was built using the style of the early 19th century Southern Appalachian Frontier log structures. The hand-hewn notched log construction with cement chinking characterizes the one-room, one floor cabin with a loft. Split log benches border all the walls.
A massive rock fireplace with a stacked stone chimney is the focal point of the Cabin and is used for warmth as well as for cooking.
The Fulton County  School Board now plans to convert this campus into a STEM school and will destroy the Log Cabin if it isn't removed from their property by December 31,2017.  The School BOard has agreed to donate the Log Cabin to the City of Alpharetta if they will remove it and clear the site before the end of the 2017 deadline.  The City Of Alpharetta has pledged to provide space for the Log Cabin in a city park and has pledged $50,000 toward moving and restoring our deloved Log Cabin.

The Alpharetta & Old Milton County Historical Society (AOMCHS) has started a funds campaign to raise funds to move the cabin to a Alpharetta City park, location to be determined. Please make a donation to this "Save the Log Cabin" fund by clicking the donate link or sending a check to:
Alpharetta & Old Milton Historical society
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Make check payable to "Alpharetta Historical Society" with "Save Log Cabin" on the FOR line.

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