front (north wall & porch)
north east corner
North West Corner & ramp
Backside south wall & chimney
West wall
East Wall
south west corner back room and small porch
south east corner
Back south wall Inside with fireplace
east wall inside
north west corner inside
North east corner inside
inside floor
inside ceiling
inside attic
Old Milton log Cabin Dimensions

Inside main room
front to back (north to south)  25'11"
side to side (east to west) 34'3"
ceiling height 7'11"
fire place 7'10" wide (outside of rocks)

Inside back room, more like an inclosed shead that is open to outside all around at roof
front to back (north to south) 11'3"
side to side (east to west) 10'10"
 roof about 8' lowest point

Log walls
Logs are 8" to about 10.5" all spaced real close to 12" centers
front and rear (north & south) walls have 10 logs top to bottom
side walls (east & west) have 10 long logs and 11 logs that
    get shorter up to roof Apex.
roof apex inside attic is 9'4" above attic floor with cross
    braces 5'5" above floor
10 Log on west wall extend from front of cabin to back of the
   small room on back, about 38'
front porch extends full length of cabin
   and 9' front to back
back porch extends out from back room 6' to chimney is 12' 2" north and south

south west corner, ladder to attic & door to back room
Drawing of rebuilt Log Cabin which is now about 500 feet west of old location on other side of Milton Ave. The former Home of Carroll Beavers family. Carroll was a teacher and coach at Milton for many years and his wife Louise was also a long time teacher at Milton. Park has not been named but possible names may be Beavers Park or Log Cabin park.
Details of Old Milton Log Cabin